Private Label supplements services

Reaching the Profitable Nutra Market is Easier than Ever!

Our years of experience in this market is your benefit because we have worked hard to identify the best ways for your business to be successful quickly and work effectively from a cash flow perspective.

  • Real Time Inventory Program
  • Wholesale Supplements
  • Finished Product Fulfillment 


Real Time Inventory (RTI) Program

The Real Time Inventory is one of the most valuable services we provide because you are able to get high volume pricing at low minimum order quantities, with a 24-hour turnaround.

You are able to leverage the products we have in stock and gain access to our packaging selecting consultants at no cost. Download our price or click here for more information about the RTI program.


Wholesale Supplements 

Our wholesale supplements program is for companies looking to purchase our house branded supplements with low minimum order quantities and 24-hour turnaround.
With the wholesale supplement option, you are able to purchase as low as 36 units. We offer a wide range of wholesale supplements, download our product list for more information and prices.

Finished Product Fulfillment 

Our in-house fulfillment service is able to ship directly to your customers and take the hassle out of shipping products. We ship millions of products every year and are well versed in making sure your customers' orders are on time and they are satisfied. We provide 24-hour turnaround on all shipments, domestic and international. Our capacity exceeds 10,000+ daily shipments and we can handle any volume as you scale your operation